maple tree kids

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A typical day at our house: 

Good morning!

730 breakfast for early arrivals

800 table work such as colouring, craft or puzzles
830 walk to school
9 second breakfast if anybody is in attendance
930 main activity ie art/craft
10 music or yoga
1030 free-play indoors
11 free-play outdoors
1130 kindergarten pickups

Welcome, afternoon!

12 wash up and lunch
1230 quiet time: reading and quiet activities, rest
100 main activity ie. sensory bin or art
200 free play time or directed activity ie board games
230 yoga, dress up or dance or outdoors again!
330 school pick ups for the big kids!
345 snack
400 activities TBD- often outdoors, but may be thematic crafts, big kids choice, or move-your-body activities
415 get ready for home time
445 second snack as needed and free play for late-stayers!

See you tomorrow!